Thursday, January 17, 2013

Get paid for online link posting: Pay per link click affiliate program

Hello friends,

                Today i am going to introduce a great pay per link click affiliate programs that pays you for every unique click that your link generate. It is very simple to to. Just think that you have posted some links on some sites which are creating 1000 unique click. Its mean that you are get paid for link posting. Get paid for link posting .

How it's work? 

             It is very simple to get paid for link posting.

First of all register here.

Than Post this link on as many sites as you can. This site can be a classified site or a article site etc.
you can use your twitter account or your facebook account as well. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Get Paid For Linkposting

Earn Online Money From Big Forums


Big forums likeDigitalPoint Forum,SitePoint ,Warrior Forum  can generate good traffic & revenue to you.So if you use this forum properly than you can earn traffic & hansom revenue also.Many webmasters,bloggers,internet marketers,seo professionals use these forums on regular bases.These big forums lakes of members.So you can easily reach to a huge targeted audience using these forums.
There are 10 ways to earn money with forums.
The best way to earn with them is to trade with these forums.I mean you can use this forums to buy or sell your digital goods,share monetized links,offer some services to the buyers.

Offer Services-

You can offer many types of services in these forums-

Offer content writing-Content writing is the most popular service offered in these forums.Webmasters,bloggers,seo professionals are always looking for quality and unique contents.Typically you can get paid some where between $5 to $8/article but remember that it is only and only depend on you skills.

Blog commenting-It is also a good way to earn money.Blog commenting and do-follow blog comment are one of the very popular service that people are offering in these forums.It's charges are depend on per thousand comments and also on the quality of the comments.

Link Building Services-You can offer link building services to the websites & blog owner.It is in high demand.Mostly  people sell link building services on package basis.These packages prices are depend on the quantity of the links they are offering.

Web designing services-Offer web designing services.Webmasters and bloggers are always in hunt of cheap web designing services.But it's hard to find out the webmaster or blogger b'coz they are always looking for cheap developers.


Sell Stuffs-There are opportunities for selling stuffs in these forums.

Sell digital products-You can sell digital products like software,eBooks,ready made PLR contents etc.Software may not get that much response from the people,but self  written and good quality niche eBooks has huge demands.Generally, people like to buy eBooks with resale rights or PLR.

Sell Web designs or Templates-You can earn by selling templates but it's very hard to get paid for selling web templates as many sites are now selling this service at no cost.

Sell Websites,Blogs-Readymade websites has a market there.People wants to buy niche readymade websites.Also you can sell your existing websites and blogs.Price may vary depending on the page rank and traffic of the blog or website.

Domain Names-Domain name selling is a very lucrative business.These forums can be a good place to find customers for your domains.Price of the domains depends on many things like search engine popularity,keyword in domain,page rank etc.


Earn Money From Forum Signature-

These forums allow you to have your own signature.Where you can put a links to your website,blog or even affiliate product you are promoting.This way you can send traffic to these sites and if that traffic convert well you can earn money.
The other way to make money with signatures is that of selling your signature to the buyers.There are people who are ready to pay you for a link from your forum signature to their websites.Sigtrader is one such site which is a meeting place for forum signature buyers and sellers.The earnings,may depend on many factors like your popularity and activeness in the forum.
Hope, this article helps you to understand the different ways that you can use to make money with the big established forums.You can use big forums to boost your online earning.

Get Paid For Twitter

What will you do if your twitter account is generating free dollars for you? How about getting paid for tweeting on your twitter. What if you get paid for every click from your tweet?
I love to get paid to tweet on twitter that’s why I have signed up with sponsored tweets that pays me for tweeting on my twitter account. Right now I get paid to tweet from a service called sponsored tweet . There are two types to get paid on this site. 
1) Pay Per Tweet
2) Pay Per Click.

Below you can see some details of my account.
Right now i am getting paid per tweet.

Two thing you should remember to start with this service.
1) You should have minimum 100 followers and 100 followings.
2) Your twitter account should be minimum 90 days old.

Get Paid For E-mail Reading

Get Paid For Article Reading

                                           Isn't it sound nice that some one pays you (yes pays you not pay you) every time you read a article. By joining this program you can make some where about 0.5$ to 0.10$/article. You have some where around 15 to 20 and even more articles par day in your inbox. It is totally depends on your performance.Even you can earn 5.00$/ referral.ONE QUESTION IN YOUR MIND(Dud let me know the minimum payout.It is just 50.00$)Just think if you are able to refer more peoples you can earn more.So now let me know you the way to get paid for article reading.

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